GANW Oscar Picking Contest Results Announced!

Well folks, last night's Oscars were full of surprises, and it was a tight contest in 
our in-house Oscar Picking Contest.  Turnout was at a record high--I received 13 entries!  
Without further ado, here are the winners, point values, and the contest results...

Picture: CHICAGO (50 points)
Director: ROMAN POLANSKI (500 points)
Actor: ADRIEN BRODY (0 points)
Actress: NICOLE KIDMAN (125 points)
Supporting Actor: CHRIS COOPER (170 points)
Supporting Actress: CATHERINE ZETA-JONES (125 points)
Original Screenplay: TALK TO HER (0 points)
Adapted Screenplay: THE PIANIST (250 points)
Visual Effects: THE TWO TOWERS (45 points)
Most Oscars: CHICAGO - SIX OSCARS (170 points)

And the Oscar Picking Contest goes to...

1. Becky Ulland                   6 correct     685 points
2. Matt Joy                       5 correct     640 points
3. Steve Jensen                   2 correct     545 points

4. Dennis Joy                     3 correct     420 points
5. Chris Hakala                   4 correct     390 points
5. Don Shenbarger                 4 correct     390 points
7. Pam Jensen                     3 correct     345 points
8. Krista Jensen                  3 correct     220 points
9. Laura Hakala                   2 correct      95 points
9. Mike Joy                       2 correct      95 points
9. Aaron Ulland                   2 correct      95 points
9. Kathleen Ulland-Klinkner       2 correct      95 points
13. Missy Joy                     1 correct      45 points

See what I mean about it being a close contest?  Becky won this year, after finishing in 
the top three in the two previous years, by picking a nice 6 out of 10 Oscars, including 
4 which were worth more than 100 points.  Matt and Dennis were the only two to pick 
"The Pianist" for Adapted Screenplay, earning them 250 big points, and a 2nd place 
finish for Matt.  And Steve was the ONLY player to correctly pick Roman Polanski for 
Best Director, earning him the maximum 500 points and a nice 3rd place finish!

Thank you to EVERYONE who entered, it makes Oscar night even more enjoyable to keep 
score as the evening goes along.  The top three finishers will all be getting small 
movie-related prizes, including a selection from my massive popcorn collection, and 
some of my favorite candy--Raisinets!

Now let's get ready for TRIVIA 2003!!!


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