Well, folks, the Oscars have come and gone.  It was a great show this year, with 
some upsets to keep things interesting.  Our Oscar-picking contest wasn’t decided 
until the final Oscar was given to “The Departed,” which wasn’t unexpected, but 
it gave Aaron Ulland and Don Shenbarger 250 points each for picking that movie to 
get 4 awards.  Second place went to 6-month old Milena Hakala, who was one of only 
two players to pick the correct winner in the category of Best Song.  
Impressive picking, Millie!  Rounding out our top three was new Cyberninja Deb 
Chaulk, who was the most consistent of all the entrants, with 14 correct picks 
out of 20 possible.  Thanks to the 20 people who entered… it was an exciting night, 
with the lead shifting several times until Aaron came roaring up from the middle 
of the pack to win the title!  Some Raisinets and a fancy $5 DVD will be heading 
his way, while Millie and Deb will also be enjoying Raisinets (the new “Dark 
Chocolate” Raisinets—try some today!)

Final Standings:

1. Aaron Ulland		905 points		11 correct
2. Milena Hakala	810 points		6 correct
3. Deb Chaulk		790 points		14 correct

4. Don Shenbarger	690 points		10 correct
5. Becky Ulland		675 points		12 correct
6. Kyle Rosenberg	655 points		9 correct
7. Mike Joy		640 points		11 correct
8. Joanne Schmitt       575 points		11 correct
9. Chris Hakala		570 points		9 correct
10. Missy Ross		565 points		9 correct
11. Eileen Ewing	540 points		6 correct
12. Diane Mancini	490 points		8 correct
13. Nell Kupper		465 points		5 correct
14. Donn Mukensnable	430 points		9 correct
15. Dennis Joy		405 points		8 correct
16. Matt Joy		345 points		7 correct
17. Mike Miller		335 points		6 correct
18. Laura Hakala	290 points		5 correct
19. Brendan Ross	115 points		3 correct
20. Aila Hakala		90 points		2 correct

The Oscar Winners were:

Picture: THE DEPARTED (50 points)
Directing: THE DEPARTED (40 points)
Actor: FORREST WHITAKER (40 points)
Actress: HELEN MIRREN (35 points)
Supporting Actor: ALAN ARKIN (100 points)
Supporting Actress: JENNIFER HUDSON (50 points)
Original Screenplay: LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE (75 points)
Adapted Screenplay: THE DEPARTED (50 points)
Animated Feature: HAPPY FEET (250 points)
Cinematography: PAN’S LABYRINTH (65 points)
Costumes: MARIE ANTOINETTE (85 points)
Score: BABEL (85 points)
Song: I NEED TO WAKE UP (250 points)
Visual Effects: PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN (40 points)
Makeup: PAN’S LABYRINTH (50 points)
Film Editing: THE DEPARTED (170 points)
Sound Editing: LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA (75 points)
Sound Mixing: DREAMGIRLS (60 points)
Art Direction: PAN’S LABYRINTH (75 points)
Most Oscars: THE DEPARTED, 4 OSCARS (250 points)


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