Well, folks, I had record turnout for this year’s Oscar contest: 26 entries!  23 of them came 
in during the last two days before the big show, so that was exciting.  I had so many 
entries it’s taken me a little longer than usual to tabulate the results, but I am finally 
done.  First, the Oscar winners, and the point values for each category (500 points 
divided by the number of people who made the correct pick).

Actor: DANIEL DAY LEWIS (There Will Be Blood) (30 points)
Supporting Actor: JAVIER BARDEM (No Country For Old Men) (35 points)
Actress: MARION COTILLARD (La Vie en Rose) (125 points)
Supporting Actress: TILDA SWINTON (Michael Clayton) (250 points)
Animated Film: RATATOUILLE (30 points)
Art Direction: SWEENEY TODD (50 points)
Cinematography: THERE WILL BE BLOOD (75 points)
Costumes: ELIZABETH (40 points)
Directing: NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN (45 points)
Film Editing: BOURNE ULTIMATUM (50 points)
Makeup!: LA VIE EN ROSE (40 points)
Score: ATONEMENT (65 points)
Song: “FALLING SLOWLY” (50 points)
Picture: NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN (50 points)
Sound Editing: BOURNE ULTIMATUM (60 points)
Sound Mixing: BOURNE ULTIMATUM (85 points)
Visual Effects: GOLDEN COMPASS (45 points)
Adapted Screenplay: NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN (60 points)
Original Screenplay: JUNO (30 points)
Most Oscars: NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN WITH 4 (170 points)

And now, your top three finishers… last names removed for internet security!

1. Lynne S.		850 points
2. Joann S.		755 points
3. Deb C.		750 points
3. Mike J.		750 points

Yes folks, it was an extremely close contest, right up until the very last question, 
when Cyber Ninja Lynne S. scored a big 170 points for picking No Country to win 4 Oscars, 
making her the Oscar picking champion!  Way to go!  Joann S. led for most of the night, 
and last year’s third-place finisher Deb C. made a strong charge at the end to finish 
in a tie for third place with yours truly.  It was a very exciting and close finish!  
My thanks to EVERYONE who entered; we had people from all over the country and an age 
range of about 60 years (at least), so it was truly an example of GANW’s diverse makeup.  
Raisinets will be going out to the top three finishers (well, I already ate mine)!  
Here’s how the rest of the standings looked!

5. Jill V.		605 points
6. Anna V.		580 points
7. Mary H.		560 points
8. Becky U.		475 points
9. Tim V.		465 points
10. Don S.		420 points
11. Dennis J.		390 points
12. Milena H.		365 points
12. Ken S.		365 points
14. Missy R.		355 points
15. Billy R.		325 points
15. Mike M.		325 points
17. Chris H.		290 points
18. David A.		285 points
19. Aaron U.		250 points
19. Karen K.		250 points
21. Matt J.		225 points
22. Julie R.		215 points
23. Laura H.		195 points
24. Aila H.		190 points
25. Mark and Katie F.	185 points
26. Bill R.		150 points 


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