Greetings, Fellow Ninjas!

Please excuse the delay in the announcement of the final results from our annual Oscar-Picking Contest... but we are now on spring break and 
I'm able to give you the exciting final tally.  I had 17 entrants this year.  A few people said they thought they wouldn't do well, so they 
didn't enter... and ONE person who shall remain nameless accuses me of "fixing" the contest!  (As if I were capable of such a thing!)  Anyway, 
MANY THANKS to the 17 fine folks who entered... it came down to the last category--most oscars won.  It was clearly the year of Slumdog Millionaire, 
which finished with 8 Oscars.  Only one lucky person made that pick correctly, earning him 500 big points, and vaulting him from 5th place to 
1st... and who was that person???

1. Chris H. (1235 points)
2. Deb C. (1000 points)
3. Mike M. (865 points)

Yes, longtime Ninja Mr. Hakala finally won the contest, and in a dramatic fashion indeed.  
He and Deb (who led the rest of the way...) will each receive a note of congratulations 
as well as a fine selection of Raisinets.  CyberNinja Mike Miller, who plays from South 
Carolina, will get the Raisinets as well.  (OK, I'll throw in a note, too!)  The rest of 
the scores?  Here they are...

4. Team Menasha (Matt/Jo/Kian) (825 points)
5. Becky U. (745 points)
6. Eileen E. (660 points)
7. Laura H. (585 points)
8. Julie S. (550 points)
9. Aila H. (530 points)
10. Missy R. (515 points)
11. Mick J. (500 points)
12. Dmuk from HI (470 points)
13. Dennis J. (460 points)
14. Martha J. (440 points)
15. Aaron U. (435 points)
16. Millie H. (355 points)
17. Mary H. (215 points)

As you can see, it was a VERY close contest...only 150 points separating 7th from 15th place.  
I hope everyone had a wonderful Oscar night, and I'll be in touch soon with Trivia Update 
Letter #2!  Here are the Oscar results, by the way!

Actor: SEAN PENN (75 points)
Actress: KATE WINSLET (65 points)
Supporting Actor: HEATH LEDGER (35 points)
Supporting Actress: PENNY CRUZ (75 points)
Picture: SLUMDOG (40 points)
Director: SLUMDOG (40 points)
Original screenplay: MILK (40 points)
Adapted screenplay: SLUMDOG (60 points)
Animated film: WALL-E (45 points)
Art direction: BENJAMIN BUTTON (85 points)
Cinematography: SLUMDOG (50 points)
Costumes: THE DUCHESS (100 points)
Film editing: SLUMDOG (65 points)
Makeup!: WHO'S GOT THE BUTTON? (50 points)
Score: SLUMDOG (50 points)
Song: JAI HO (65 points)
Sound editing: DARK KNIGHT (85 points)
Sound mixing: SLUMDOG (125 points)
Visual effects: BENJAMIN BUTTON (50 points)
Most oscars: SLUMDOG WITH 8 (500 points)


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