First, the results of the Oscars and the point values of each "question."  
Each question's point value depended on the number of people correctly answering.

Picture:  THE KING'S SPEECH (50 points)

Director: Tom Hooper for THE KING'S SPEECH (100 points)

Actor: Colin Firth in THE KING'S SPEECH (40 points)

Actress: Natalie Portman in BLACK SWAN (40 points)

Supporting Actor: Christian Bale in THE FIGHTER (65 points)

Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo in THE FIGHTER (170 points)

Original screenplay: THE KING'S SPEECH (40 points)

Adapted screenplay: THE SOCIAL NETWORK (50 points)

Animated film: TOY STORY 3 (40 points)

Art direction: ALICE IN WONDERLAND (75 points)

Cinematography: INCEPTION (250 points)

Costume design: ALICE IN WONDERLAND (65 points)

Film editing: THE SOCIAL NETWORK (170 points)

Makeup: THE WOLFMAN (45 points)

Score: THE SOCIAL NETWORK (250 points)

Song: "We Belong Together" from TOY STORY 3 (100 points)

Sound editing: INCEPTION (60 points)

Sound mixing: INCEPTION (65 points)

Visual effects: INCEPTION (40 points)

Most oscars: KING'S SPEECH and INCEPTION WITH 4 EACH (500 points)

AND NOW... the final scores among the 17 contestants in this year's contest!

1. Mike M. from South Carolina (13 correct, 1105 points)

2. Julie S. (14 correct, 950 points)

3. Becky U. (10 correct, 945 points)

4. Deb C. (14 correct, 845 points)

5. Jo J. (11 correct, 795 points)

6. Mike J. (11 correct, 720 points)

7. Matt J. (9 correct, 685 points)

8. Dr. Jill V. (11 correct, 620 points)

9. Dennis J. (9 correct, 585 points)

10. Chris H. (11 correct, 570 points)

11. Eileen E. (7 correct, 555 points)

12. My sister Missy! (11 correct, 535 points)

13. Nathaniel M. (8 correct, 410 points)

14. Mary H. (7 correct, 355 points)

15. Terry in TN (7 correct, 335 points)

16. Laura H. (4 correct, 220 points)

17. Mary Jo H. (4 correct, 175 points)

AND THE RAISINETS GO TO... South Carolina cyber-Ninja Mike M. for prevailing in a 
VERY close competition that was only decided in the last few categories.  
Longtime Ninja Julie S. edged out Becky U. for second place by only five points 
(Becky was the only person to correctly pick The King's Speech with 4 Oscars).  
There were seven "big pointers" worth 100 points or more in this year's contest, 
despite the general consensus that there were not too many surprise winners.  Well done
and MANY thanks to EVERYONE that sent in their picks--I always enjoy running this 
contest and it gets me going for a last burst of movie note-taking!  The top three 
finishers, as always, will be receiving delicious and (relatively) healthy 
Raisinets as their prize!  
And now it's time to PLAY TRIVIA, FAST EDDIE!  Keep in touch and you'll be 
hearing from me!

Captain Mike


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