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Questions, correct answers, point values, and results of the 2003 In-House Trivia Quiz!

Q1. What is the name of the ship on which big-screen fisherman Quint served 
during WWII?
Q2. What is the last name of the author who penned the following line: 
“I scarcely know where to begin, though I sometimes facetiously place the cause 
of it all to Charley Furuseth’s credit.”
Q3. In what city would you need to be to watch the “Habs” play hockey?
Q4. Big screen character Lisa Fremont, trying to impress her photographer 
boyfriend, has dinner delivered to his apartment.  What is the name of the 
classy New York City restaurant that delivers their dinner?
Q5. “So he can’t write. Big deal. I mean, verbal ability is a highly overrated thing 
in a guy, and our pathetic need for it is what gets us into so much trouble.” What 
flick are these lines from?
Q6. Which city’s airport was originally known as Mines Field?
Q7. From 1998 to 2000, the US Postal Service issued a series of stamps called
“Celebrate the Century.”  Each decade was honored with 15 different stamps.  
Three professional football teams were each the subject of a stamp: the San 
Francisco 49ers, the Green Bay Packers, and which other team?  You need only 
give the name of the city.
Q8. The “Hitless Wonders” managed to win the world series, despite having 
a team batting average of .230.  In which city did they play?
Q9. What city would you visit to drink at that fine fictional establishment, 
the Black Pussy Cat Café?
Q10. Where was the world women’s indoor 50-meter dash record set with 
a time of 5.96 seconds?

A1.  USS INDIANAPOLIS (from Jaws) (45 points)
A2.  [JACK] LONDON (from The Sea Wolf) (40 points)
A3.  MONTREAL (40 points)
A4.  21 (from Rear Window) (40 points)
A6.  LOS ANGELES or EL SEGUNDO (40 points)
A7.  PITTSBURGH (45 points)
A8.  CHICAGO [WHITE SOX] (40 points)
A9.  LOMPOC (from the W.C. Fields movie The Bank Dick) (50 points)
A10.  MADRID (45 points)

WELL, WELL… looks like I forgot to throw in a real toughy in this time, but don’t 
you get complacent—next year will be a different story!  MANY, MANY thanks 
to the twelve people who entered the contest--a record turnout!  They are: Pete 
Albrecht, Eric Hillemann, Dennis Joy, Matt Joy, Missy Joy, Karen Kendall, Terry
Killham, Bruce Manning, Christine Schuttenberg, Don Shenbarger, 
Aaron Ulland, Becky Ulland.  Everyone answered all or nearly all the questions!  
Tied for first are…Pete, Christine, Eric, Terry, Don, and Dennis, all with 10 correct 
and 430 points

All six of you will be receiving some little souvenirs I've picked up during my recent 
travels to South Dakota, South Carolina, and Tennessee.  Some food items, maybe 
a mug or two, and other surprises.  Hope you like them!  THANKS to all 
who entered, I was thrilled by the great response, there’ll be another quiz 
next year, and I’ve already got a couple of questions written which…heh heh heh…
well, just wait…