1.  The lead character in this television series becomes a puppet by
twisting his ring when he crosses over into the forest.  What is the
name of this SERIES?

2.  What is the name of the ALBUM on which star, boom, dan, tonka, 
and toothpaste are seen on the cover?

3.  What product has been said to be a cure for salmonella fitzgerald?

4.  Vud Bowl 5 was held at the Toilet Bowl.  What were the complete
names of the announcers for Vud Bowl 5? [From an episode of MAD TV.]

5.  Here is a list of distinguished people: John Dickson Carr, Hazel 
Scott, Lauritz Melchior, Christopher Morley, Helen Traubel, Ilka 
Chase.  These distinguished people applauded a specific magazine in
printed advertising.  All of their pictures and their supporting
endorsements were in an ad for this magazine.  What is the name of
this magazine?

6.  Antwan Jamison wore a special pair of shoes to the NBA all-star 
game recently.  The shoes will be released to the public in June 
2005.  What is the phrase written on the velcro strap of the shoe?

7.  This film was promoted as a film in which you could see the
following: an astronaut shrink to the size of the inhabitants of an
asteroid on which he lands, moon maidens, and an attack by fire
people.  What is the name of this film?

8.  According to TV lore there was a statue of this man seated on a
horse on display in the town in the area that he helped establish.
The statue was the citizens' way of honoring this man.  This 
character never appeared in the TV series but was referred to often.
What is the first and last name of this TV character.

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