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A Sample of TV Notes

Greetings, fellow Ninjas!

As requested and promised, here is a sample of TV notes from my collection.
It's a random selection, the premiere episode of the animated series "Futurama."
Not a bad show, actually.  A few thoughts on note taking:

1.  Keep an ear open for music.  Stuff like: songs playing during opening and
closing credits, etc.
2.  Listen for things in the dialogue that could be Trivia.  Things like: 
"There are three rules for living in this house..."
3.  I find it helps to tape the show while I watch it, in case there are bursts
of fast and furious trivia I can't keep up with.
4.  Take a look at your notes when you're done, make sure that someone can decipher
them at 3 in the morning on Sunday.  Some people like to type up their notes,
but that's not necessary as long as they're moderately legible.
5.  Put your name on the notes, so we know who to talk to if there are questions,
or if you're not at the contest, or sleeping, or whatever.
6.  THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE.  No matter how much you try to get all the trivia,
the Oz can and will ask about the one thing you didn't write down.  All of us
who take notes have had many painful moments like this.  Just do your best, get
what you can, and we'll see what happens in April!  The Ninja Warriors thank you!

Futurama (FOX)
Notes on premiere episode, 3/28/99

Date: 12/31/99
Fry plays video game: "Monkey Fracas Jr."
Fry delivers pizzas for Panucci's Pizza (their box says "Do not tip delivery boy.")
There's a big party at O'Grady's Pub
Michelle: Fry's girlfriend
Headline in the New York Post: "2000! Doomsayers Cautiously Optimistic"
Fry delivers pizza to Applied Cryogenics ("No Power Failures Since 1997")
"I.C. Wiener" called for the pizza
---Fry then sleeps for 1000 years---
Leela: Fate Assignment Officer
Fry goes to the Probe-U-Lator
Fry has one living relative: Professor Hubert Farnsworth
Fry's career assignment: Delivery Boy
Sign in Leela's office: "You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do"
Leela's a one-eyed alien
Bachelor Chow: advertised in opening credits
A guy is transported to "JFK, Jr. Airport"
Fry asks to be transported to "Crosstown Express"
Circle Line: sunken boat he passes
Suicide Booth costs 25 cents (run by "Stop and Drop-America's Favorite Suicide Booth since 2008")
Bender: robot Fry meets
Terry: attendant at Applied Cryogenics, always cries "Welcome to the
       World of Tomorrow" when people wake up
Fry and Bender drink at O'Zorgnax's Pub
Bender drinks Olde Fortran Malt Liquor
Bender's job: he's a bender (he bends girders)
Slurm: drink advertised in pub
Ever since he was 6 Fry's wanted a robot for a friend
Leela is "Officer 1BDI"
The Head Museum is free on Tuesdays
Leonard Nimoy: his head speaks to the museum visitors
Bender and Fry hide between the heads of Dennis Rodman and Matt Groening
      (next to Groening: Barbra Streisand)
Richard Nixon's head drops to the floor and his jar breaks
Smart Sausages: advertised in an alley
Dick Clark's head hosts New Year's Rockin' Eve
Farnsworth has "various lengths of wire" in a drawer
Dr. Farnsworth has the destiny chips of his previous spaceship crew in an envelope marked 
      "Contents of Space Wasp's Stomach"